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-Aberdeen   (youtube) 

-Ace In The Hole

Aces And Eights  (youtube)

-A Country High

Adalaida   (youtube) 

-Adventure 45  (youtube) 

-Alabama Boy

-Alligator Shuffle

-All Right On Sunday

-All Shook Up  (youtube)

-All You Need

-Almost Crazy


-Amarillo By Morning

-American Kids


-A Swing To Quit  (youtube)

-A Womans Rant


-Backroad Nation   (youtube)

-Back To The Bar  (youtube)

-Back To Your Arms (youtube)   

-Bad Habits  (youtube)


-Beautiful Day

-Beautiful Madness   (youtube) 

-Bedroom Cha    (youtube)  

-Beer Can’t Fix  (youtube)

-Be My Baby Now (youtube)

-Better When I’m Dancing

-Big Blue Tree

-Big City Summertime

-Black Coffee

-Blue Heartache

-Blue Night Cha

Born To Love  (youtube)

-Boys And A Girl Thing

-Bread And Butter

-Brent’s Boogie

-Brokenhearted  (youtube) 

-Bring Down The House


-Buy Me A Rose



-Call Me   (youtube) 

-Canadian Stomp

-Cards On The Table  (youtube)

-Carribean Plans (youtube)

-Catalan Up

-Celtic Kittens

-Cha Cha With Me (youtube)    (youtube) 

Champagne Promise  (youtube)

-Chasing Down A Good Time

-Chula  (youtube) 

-Circle Jerk

Codigo  (youtube)

-Cold Cold Heart

-Come Dance With Me

-Come On and Dance

-Come So Far

-Como Yo

Corn  (youtube)

-Corn Don’t Grow

-Country As Can Be

-Country 2 Step

-Country Walking

-Cowboy Charleston

-Cowboy For A Night

-Cowgirls  (youtube)

Crystal Cha   (youtube)

-Crystal Touch   (youtube)

– Cruel Intentions   (youtube)


-Dancin‘ The Dust  (youtube)

Day Of The Dead   (youtube)

 Devil In A Dress   (youtube)           

-D.H.S.S. (youtube)

Dim The Lights  (youtube) 

-Disappearing Tail Lights

-Divisadero Cha

-Dixie Highway


-Doing The Walk  (youtube)

-Doin‘ This    (youtube)

-Don’t Leave Me On My Own  (youtube)

-Don’t Touch  (youtube)

Dopamine   (youtube)

-Do The Rock’n’Roll Waltz

-Double Down Two Step  (youtube)

-Double S  (youtube)

-Down On Your Uppers (youtube)

-Down To One  (youtube)

-Down To The River



Echame La Culpa  (youtube)

-Everybody’s Got A Story  (youtube)

-Eyes On You  (youtube)


-Faithful Soul   (youtube)

-Feeling Kinda Lonely

-Feeling Sweet

-Fields Of Gold (youtube) (youtube)

-Fishers Hornpipe

Floor It  (youtube) 

-Foot Boogie

-Friday Yet


-Get It Right  (youtube)

-Get Wild  (youtube) 

-Ghost Train

-Give Me Shivers  (youtube)

-Gone West   (youtube)

-Good As You   (youtube)

-Go Seven

-Got My Baby Back

-Got To Be Funky


-Happy People

-Hardy   (youtube)  

-Have You Ever Seen The Rain  (youtube) 

-Heartbreak Express

-Hearts On Fire (youtube)

Here We Go   (youtube)

-Hey Boy

-Hey, Hey

-Hey Mr. Cowboy

-Hey Now!    (youtube)

-High Cotton

-High Five  (youtube)

-His Only Need

Hold On  (youtube)

-Home To Donegal  (youtube)

-Homesick Heart  (youtube) 

-Honey Bee Boogie

-Honky Tonk Stomp

-Ho No It’s Christmas

-House Of Cards  (youtube)



-I Am Me ( I Love My Life)  (youtube)

-I Can’t Be Bothered  (youtube) 

-Into The Dark Night  (youtube)

Irish Boots  (youtube)

-Irish Stew

-Island In The Stream

-Italiano  (youtube)

-I Still Believe

-I Walk The Line



-Jersey Giant  (youtube)

-Jesse James   (youtube)

-J.C. Wrong   (youtube)     


-Joey On The Fiddle  (youtube)

-Johnny Be Good  (youtube)


-Just A Memory

-Just A Phase  (youtube)

-Just For Grins

-Just Wright


-Kaceys Moon   (youtube) 

-KD Cha  (youtube)  (youtube)

-Keep It Simple  (youtube)

-Kinda Like Now  (youtube)

-Knock Off    (youtube)



-Last in Line

-Latin Spice

Leave!   (youtube)

-Legend    (youtube)

-Let It Be Love

-Let’s Rock

-Like A Fine Wine (youtube)

-Like I Love Country Music   (youtube)

-L.I.L.Y.   (youtube)

-Lips So Close

-Live, Laugh, Love

-Lonely Drum

-Long Long Way

-Lord Help Me

-Lover, Lover

-Lover Please Come Back

-Love Trick

-Love You In A Barrel

-Loving You Again

-Lovin‘ You Is Fun

-Lucky Me  (youtube)


-Magic Moon

Mama & Me   (youtube)

-Mama Maria

-Make It   (youtube)

-Make It Sweet  (youtube)

Make You Swing  (youtube)


-Mein Herz es brennt (youtube)

-Mexican Seashores


-Mister Lonely  (youtube)

Moonlight Madness (youtube)

-More Than Amigos

-Moses, Roses, Toeses   (youtube) 

-Moves   (youtube) 

-Movin‘ And  A Groovin‘

-Music To My Eyes     (youtube)

-My First Love

-My Heartache

-My Pretty Belinda


-Nice Work

No Matter What  (youtube)

-Nothing But You  (youtube) 

-Nu Flow


-Off My Feet   (youtube)

Off The Beaten Track   (youtube) 

-Oh Me Oh My Oh  (youtube)

-Old Flames

-On A Roll  (youtube)

One Magic Moment    (youtube) 

-On My Way

-On Veut Des Légendes  (youtube) 

-Out Of Sight  (youtube)


-Pavement Ends  (youtube)

Peace On Earth  (youtube)

-People Are Crazy

-Pick Her Up  (youtube)

-Picnic Polka

-Playboys  (youtube) 


-Private Affair



-Quarter To Six


-Raised Like That   (youtube)

-Remember These Words  (youtube)

-Replay   (youtube)

-Ride With Me

-Right Now  (youtube)


-River Of My Memory

-Rock’n’Roll Kiss

-Rocky Top

-Roots (youtube)

-Rose From The Sea

-Rumba Rhythm

-Rumba Tonight


-Sailor Boy

-Save Haven   (youtube)

-Sea Shanty Shenanigans   (youtube)

-Second Hand Heart  (youtube)

-Second Hand Tequila

Senorita La La La  (youtube)

-Seven Up!

-Sex, Love & Texas

-Sexy Night

-She Don’t Know  (youtube)

-She’s Leavin‘

-She’s Not You

-Shot of Tequila  (youtube)

-Skinny Genes

-Soak Up The Sun   (youtube)     

-Something In The Water

Something You Love   (youtube)

 -Southern Dreams  (youtube)

-Southern Thing

-South of Santa Fe  (youtube)

-Start Over Again (youtube)

-Stop Staring At My Eyes

-Stray Cat


-Strip It Down

-Stroll Along Cha Cha

-Strong Bounds

-Suds In The Bucket   (youtube)

-Sugar, Sugar

-Suitcase Bottle  (youtube) 

Sweet Attraction  (youtube)

-Sweet Liza


-Tag On


-Tell The Truth  (youtube)

-Tennessee Waltz Surprise

-Texas Time  (youtube) 

-Thanks A Lot

-That Man

-The Angels Cried

-The Boat To Liverpool

-The Gambler

-The Ghost Of You (youtube)

-The One You’re Waiting One

-The Only Hell  (youtube)

-The Queen

-The Right To Remain Silent

-The Trail

-The Way She’s Looking

-Think Of Me

-Thorns & Roses  (youtube) 

-‚Til You Can’t  (youtube)

Till We Meet Again  (youtube)

-Time To Swing  (youtube) 

-T Me On  (youtube)

-T’morrow Never Knows


-Together Is All About  (youtube)

-To Hell And Back

-Train Wreck  (youtube)

-Triple Mix

-Troubadour  (youtube)

-True Believer  (youtube)

-Try This One

-Turning Tables  (youtube)

-Turn It On Cowboy

-Tush Push

-Twist And Turns


-Two By Two


-Under The Sun

-Up In The Air   (youtube) 


-Vaiven  (youtube)

-Vanotek Cha  (youtube)

-Voodoo Magic Kiss   (youtube)   


-Waggle Dance

Wandering Hearts  (youtube)

– Wanna Know  (youtube) 

-Waves Of Love  (youtube)

-We Are Tonight

-We Did   (youtube)

-Well‘ Be Dancing  (youtube)

-We Only Live Once

-West Coast Tulsa  (youtube)

-Western Barn Dance

-What A Song Can Do  (youtube)

Where Oh Where   (youtube)

-Whiskey Bridges  (youtube)

-Whispering Your Name

-White Rose

-Why Not Me

-Wildflowers    (youtube)    

-Wild, Wild West Boogie

-Wintergreen  (youtube)

-With These Eyes

Woman Amen  (youtube)

-Write This Down

-Wrong Direction   (youtube)

Would U Stay   (youtube)


-You Are The Reason Baby  (youtube) 

-You Got Gold   (youtube)

-You Got That Thang

-1 + 1   (youtube)

-2 Lane Highway (youtube)

-55 Ford


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